Adv. Ruth Litvak was certified as a member of the Bar in 1990.

Adv. Litvak holds an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University (1989), and an M.B.A. from Ben- Gurion University in the Negev (2002).

Adv. Litvak served for some 10 years as a senior attorney (Senior Assistant A) in the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (taxation and economics) And in this position she conducted extensive criminal cases in the field of criminal economic law.

Since retiring from the District Attorney’s Office, Adv. Litvak has continued to specialize in the fields of criminal law- “white collar” and expanded her areas of expertise to other fields of criminal law.

Advocate Litvak specializes in the field of criminal law, in the administration of criminal economic cases (“white collar”) and has extensive experience in accompanying interrogations and managing complex criminal economic cases involving bribery, fraud, breach of trust, theft, death by negligence, computer offences, securities offenses, tax offenses, money laundering, antitrust, sexual harassment, and so forth.

Adv. Litvak represents a wide range of clients, including public employees, elected officials, accountants, attorneys and functionaries in private and public companies.
Adv. Litvak serves as a judge for the Supreme Disciplinary Tribunal of the Israel Football Association.

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