The Iny Litvak Lazar & Co. – Law Firm was founded to integrate expertise in civil-commercial law and criminal law (white collar crime).


The combination of a team of skilled, experienced, and dedicated attorneys together with expertise in a range of diverse legal fields has resulted in the firm and its clients winning numerous impressive achievements in transactions and complex large-scale cases. The firm specializes in undertaking diverse commercial transactions, including in Israeli and foreign real estate, providing advice on white collar offenses, criminal and civil litigation, inter alia, tax appeals, administrative petitions and petitions to the High Court of Justice, arbitration proceedings, labor law and inheritance law. The firm also specializes in providing legal counsel to private and public companies.


The firm’s practice areas ensure comprehensive and thorough representation and legal advice with an emphasis on the unique particular needs of each client.


In a complex commercial world, the client, whose interests are the constant concern of the firm, needs comprehensive handling of his affairs. That is why the firm provides full tier-1 legal services: commercial, regulatory, and judicial. The synergy created between the different fields of expertise of the firm’s partners, as well as the in-depth knowledge in capital and securities is the added value from which our clients benefit.