Criminal law

The firm’s experience team of attorneys offers advice and representation in criminal economic law (“white collar” offenses), representing clients dealing with law enforcement agencies in criminal proceedings.


The firm is engaged in every stage of criminal proceedings, from advice during investigation, arrest and release on bail, detention until the end proceedings, through extradition proceedings, hearings, settlement of fines for tax offenses, the handling of administrative fines vis-à-vis the criminal and civil enforcement agencies, the conduct of the trial, appeals, petitions for pardon, impingement of a criminal record, and legal handling of ground for closing criminal files.


Criminal proceedings are handled in conjunction with the handling of the civil implications derived from the criminal proceeding, such as civil penalties, representation on monetary sanction boards, civil tax appeals, disciplinary and ethical law, dismissals, pecuniary claims, and representation before the High Court of Justice on matters pertaining to the criminal process.


The firm’s clients include public employees, elected officials, accountants and attorneys, private and public companies, NGOs, executives, employees, and private individuals who are forced to deal with, frequently for the first time, Israel’s various enforcement agencies.


The firm’s team has extensive experience in legal proceedings across a wide range of criminal offenses, including offenses against the Penal Code, theft, fraud, bribery, tax offenses (income tax, VAT, and customs), offenses against the Securities Law, the Prohibition of Money Laundering Law, the Antitrust Law, and the Prohibition on Sexual Harassment Law, and computer crime.