Land & Real estate

Our firm has a wealth of comprehensive experience in representing commercial entities, private developers, and contractors in a range of housing construction, commercial construction, joint ventures, combination deals, implementation and returns, advising and guiding land purchases, and advising on overseas projects.


We advise our firm’s clients in every stage of a transaction, from due diligence, through acquisition, assistance in the planning and construction stages, agreements with suppliers, contractors and so forth, and contracting financing agreements with the banks, to the sale and leasing of the apartments or the commercial units, as applicable. We also advise on the legal relations with buyers and tenants, including the registration of the transactions and the registration of condominiums.


The firm offers top developers and contractors constant representation on Israeli and foreign real estate. Our firm advises developers and homeowners in urban renewal projects under National Outline Plan 38 (earthquake retrofitting) and its various regulations in every stage of the project, from negotiating a National Outline Plan project and signing the contract, through the sale of the project’s new apartments and agreements with contractors, to amending the condominium documents.